Sweet bearded Hubby

Sweet bearded Hubby
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

getting kicked off ebay? heaven help us!

i just read a year old blog from My Dear Trash on getting ousted from ebay due to lower DSR's. These are ratings left by your buyers that truly can make or break your ebay sellers status, in fact, it can get you kicked off Ebay. So beware, do everything you can, even offer refunds when they may not be due, anything to avoid getting the boot. According to this article, Ebay does not have the time, or sympathy, to hear your tale of woe, and they DO NOT give second chances to sellers with lowered ratings. I they do not have to be that much lower, this gal had 98.5% I believe. Make sure you take the time to let your buyer know how much your business depends on leaving five stars in the DSR area of feedback. Let them know they must contact you if they have not had a good experience shopping with you, so you can make it right, and avoid the negative DSR. Apparently Feedback left is not as important as the DSR, so emphasize that. I was kicked off ebay for a month once, it was unexpected, and totally devastating! I thought, what if I really depended on this income, I would be UP A CREEK, plus, I would have all this inventory to sell. (though I could utilize Craigslist fairly easily). So BEWARE and TAKE CARE to really take care of those customers, hope you prosper in all you do!

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